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Dive into luxury with our expert services! From crafting stunning new pools and revitalizing landscapes to meticulous repairs and transformative remodels, we turn your aquatic dreams into reality. Plunge in!

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We, Blue Imperial Engineers are reputed firm engaged in manufacturing and providing swimming pool construction and designing services since 2012. Our expertise of services includes Swimming Pool Designing, Swimming Pool Management, and Swimming Pool Construction. Our aim is to design and construct the best swimming pools, spas, and landscapes in India, for all budgets and lifestyles. We are a young and exciting company with a flair for design and the ability to produce the quality product on every occasion. We have vast experience in the filtration plants, Industrial water treatment plants, and plumbing. The idea is to give, our clients an opportunity that enables them to choose a platform that provides services from the selection of land. Project planning, design, estimation and execution of the complete job of swimming pool on the turnkey basis with higher standards.

Blue Imperial is fully equipped with highly skilled man power in the field of designing and execution of complete swimming pool job within a committed time frame and latest available technology applicable in the construction field. Blue Imperial’s approach to the design and planning process reflects a commitment to the pragmatic exploration of real issues, the encouragement of broad participation in, and understanding of the decision-making process and an appreciation of the technical feasibility of implementation.

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Dive into worry-free pool ownership with our comprehensive services. From new pool installations to landscaping

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Swimming Pool Construction Services

“Expert care for your home oasis, residential pool services.”

Swimming Pool Designing Services

“Optimize your business space with top-tier commercial pool service.”

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“Reliable weekly pool cleaning for a sparkling, pristine oasis.”

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“Seasonal pool care ensures year-round enjoyment and pristine waters.”

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“Restore brilliance with our expert pool tile cleaning service.”

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“Pamper your spa with our top-notch cleaning service.”

Your Dream Swimming Pool

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Transform your space with our expertise in crafting exquisite pools, impeccable landscaping, seamless repairs, and breathtaking remodels. Elevate your aquatic experience with personalized solutions and unparalleled commitment. Contact us today for aquatic excellence!



Swimming Pool Construction and Designing Services

Elevate your space with our premier swimming pool construction and designing services. Immerse yourself in craftsmanship, innovation, and personalized design for the ultimate aquatic sanctuary. Transform your lifestyle today.




Premier Pool Service Can Change The Sand Your Sand Filter


Regular cleaning ensures debris-free water for a pristine pool environment.


Water testing guarantees optimal balance, promoting a healthy swimming experience.


Equipment checks prevent malfunctions, ensuring smooth pool operation year-round.


Energy-efficient upgrades enhance performance, reducing long-term operational costs.


Professional advice ensures comprehensive care, preserving your pool's longevity and aesthetics.

What People Say

BlueImperial brought our backyard dreams to life with a stunning new pool design that exceeded our expectations. The seamless process and attention to detail truly set them apart. Our oasis is now the envy of the neighborhood!

Umesh Yadav

The professionalism of BlueImperial’s pool cleaning service is unmatched. Our pool has never looked this pristine, and their consistent, reliable care has made maintenance a breeze. Trustworthy and exceptional – we highly recommend their services!


BlueImperial’s innovative pool designs transformed our space into a haven of relaxation and luxury. The team’s dedication to excellence and creativity is evident in every detail. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

Lakshmi Sinha